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dont pretend to be me.

To Begin With

<b>1. Full Name:</b>Gina Marie Giannone

<b>2. Common Name (what most people call you):</b> Ginabeena

<b>3. Age:</b> 15

<b>4. Grade in School:</b> 10th

<b>5. Sexual Orientation (i.e. bi-sexual, lesbian, straight, gay):</b> straight

<b>6. Current Residence (City, State):</b> Sterling Heights, Michigan

<b>7. Birthplace:</b> Detroit, Michigan

<b>8. On average how many hours do you spend on the computer a day?</b> the computeris my life, lol. probably a lot?


<b>9. Color:</b> green, pink

<b>10. Comic book hero/ novel hero(in):</b> i dont really have one?

<b>11. Candy:</b> starbursts.

<b>12. Season:</b> spring, because my birthday is in spring:)

<b>13. Holiday:</b> Christmas

<b>14. Number & Why:</b> 4, because my birthday is in april, so april is the 4th month

<b>15. Boy's name & Why:</b> Luston, i think its adorable, and unique, and people could call him lust?lol kinda cheesy.

<b>16. Girl's name & Why:</b> Brynn, i just think its cute and unique

<b>17. Shampoo & Conditioner:</b> Herbal Essences

<b>18. Favorite Sport to watch? Play?</b> basketball((to watch and play))

<b>19. Two favorite Authors:</b> i dont have favorite authors, i just pick books that look good, and usually they are=D

Top Five

<b>20. Movies:</b> A Walk to Remember, Pretty Woman, Father of the Bride, A Cinderella Story, Thirteen

<b>21. Bands:</b> Jimmy Eat World, Something Coporate, Vanessa Carleton, John Mayor, Dashboard Confessional

<b>22. Put these in order: Purple, Black,Lime Green, Hot Pink, Yellow</b> hot pink, purpule, lime green, black, yellow

<b>23. Books:</b> Someone Like You, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Friction, Go Ask Alice

Effort Questions
Pick 10 that you would like to answer. However, if you answer all you get bonus points. ;]

<b>24. Describe your favorite outfit (picture?)</b>

<b>25. Describe how you wear your make up (picture?)</b>

<b>26. When you're with your friends, how do you act?</b> i love them, i can be myself and be silly.

<b>27. When you're around people you don't know, how do you act?</b> eathier really shy or really loud and crazy

<b>28. What's your definition of manners and do you have them?</b> manners is being polite and being a gentlemen or lady, and yes, i do have them.

<b>29. What is love? Should age have a bearing on it? Why/ Why not?</b> Love is not something you can describe, you know when your in love though.  And no, love dosent need an age, because you cant help who you fall in love with at what age.

<b>30. Do you follow others? Have you before? When? (Be Honest)</b> I tend not to, but i have before.

<b>31. What would you change about your self?</b> My body and sometimes my personality.

<b>32. Describe a person you can't stand.</b> someone who is always talking about themselves, and always saying how their life is so horrible, and how everybody hates them, and they have no friends.

<b>33. Descbribe a person you would love.</b> someone who accepts me for who i am, and listens to me when i need someone to talk to, and loves me for me.

<b>34. What is your idea of perfect?</b> im not really sure, because in my eyes--theres nothing even close to perfect.

<b>35. What is your definition of Elegance?</b>

<b>36. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? </b> have had like a couple serious ones.

<b>37. What is your pet peeve?</b> repetitive noises.

<b>38. Who has had the biggest influence in your life? How?</b> probably my friends.  because they are always there when i do something bad or good.

Final Layer

<b>39. Which mod are you most like, Kate or Kat? (Go to the "Meet your mods" section and look at our sample applications)</b> Kate, we are both girly.

<b>40. Promote in two other communities and provide links. We DO check.</b>



<b>41. Say somethingfunny. (This can be a picture)</b>

<b>42. Words to live by:</b> "be yourself"



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------------dashboard confessional
+++++++john mayer
+go ask alice
+i think you're adorable!



January 21 2005, 04:57:30 UTC 13 years ago

How do I post my app???
+your movies and bands
-most of your answers
+you're cute to boot.

i say yes.
uhh the html thing bugged me. no :)
and it doesnt look like you put effort into your app.
It doesn't seem like you put much effort into your application. And the spelling/grammar got to me really bad.
++++++++++++++++Sterling Heights--I live in Fenton and my best friend used to live in Sterling Heights.
++Dashboard and John Mayer
-------------------Cinderalla Story
+ Starburst
+go ask alice
-effort in questions

so yeah, sure.
im just wondering when
im going to know if
i got accepted or not?
+++go ask alice

--------The HTML thing.

Other than that I'm going to say yes
u have 5 nays and 6 yays.. you're in

Vote Promote and Stay Active

SOrry it took so long. I was having some personal issues and both mods have to vote for the final decision