KATE (intoxiikated) wrote in beyond_elegant,

New Layout

I've finished another layout requested by rockstar07. Check it out! :)

I call this one.. Rock Star

Snapshot of Background

Snapshot of Entries


*What You Need To Do*

1) Make sure you have a website filled in your user info under the part that says "website" and "Website name."

2) Make sure your journal is set on the S1 setting

3) Copy and paste the codes above in your html modification boxie thing. :)

4) Make sure the colors box looks JUST like this:

5) With that all done, it should work. If it doesn't let me know!

Check out you_know_what to see the actual layout.

hehe hope you like it!!

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i was having the worst day until now--that is so amazing!!

I owe you a proverbial cookie!!!!

by the way--I love you.
Ahh it's not working. Old pictures and quizzes I posted are all scarmbled up along with text.
Nvm. I fixed it.
wait...i cant get the background image to show up...
Did you make sure you have a webpage url written in the section for it in your info? If you don't have a webpage and webpage name in your info, it won't work. Just put google.com or something if you don't have a webpage.
I thought I did. I'll check.
I must be an idiot--but I can't get it to work. I'm hopeless when it comes to that end of the design. Please help!
Make sure you have a website filled in, AND a website NAME filled in your info.

Copy and paste the codes again.

Make sure all the settings are on Generator.

IF it sitll doesnt work I dont know what it is, but I'll check it out with what I did. I might have pasted something wrong on here.