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Alright, this is my application, I think you all should go and vote on it, because when I first joined they really needed members so I got in with 2 votes. I want to see what you all think of me :) Please vote, just like you would if I wasn't already in the community.Thank you.

To Begin With
1.Full Name~Jamie Lee Emory
2.Common Name (what most people call you)~ Jamie
3.Age~ 14
4.Grade in School~ 9
5.Sexual Orientation (i.e. bi-sexual, lesbian, straight, gay)~straight
6.Current Residence (City, State)~ Sanford, Florida
7.Birthplace~ Sanford,Fl
8.On average how many hours do you spend on the computer a day? about 7 hours
9. Color~ pink or blue
10.Comic book hero/ novel hero(in)~ Spiderman!
11.Candy~reeses peanut butter cups
12.Season~ Summer
13.Holiday~ Christmas
14.Number & why~ 5 because it has always been a lucky number for me
15.Boy’s name & why~ Brandon because it is one of my bestfriends name
16.Girl’s name & why~ Theresa because it is my confirmation name and my bestfriends middle name
17.Shampoo & Conditioner~ Suave
18.Favorite Sport to watch? To play? Basketball
19.Two favorite authors~ Nancy Farmer and Virginia Wolff
 Top Five
20.Movies- Pirates of the Carribean,Gone with the Wind, Big Daddy, Thirteen, A walk to remember
21.Bands- Yellow Card,Simple Plan, Trapt, Nickelback, GC
22.Put these in order – Purple, Black, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Yellow
                    hot pink, purple, black, yellow, lime greeen
23.Books- the house of the scorpions, true Believer, Stargirl, make lemonade, A Song for Jeffery
Effort Questions Pick 10 that you would like to answer. However, if you answer all you get bonus points. ;]
24.Describe your favorite outfit (picture?) Something comfortable, a pair of jean and a t-shirt and a sweatshirt

25.Describe how you wear your make up (picture?) ussually just eyeliner and lip gloss, sometimes i use eyeshadow


26.When you’re with your friends, how do you act? When I'm with my friends I act laid back, and I laugh ALOT! But theres ussually no telling how I am going to act around my friends.
27.When you’re around people you don’t know, how do you act? Depends on who the people are. With some people I act hyper and obnoxious, with others I am more shy and I don't talk much.
28.What’s your definition of manners and do you have them? I think manners are how you act, or behave when around other people, they are your etiquette. I try to have manners when it comes to my behavior, but not manners like don't put your elbows on the table.
29.What is love? Should age have a bearing on it? Why/ Why not? I think there are many forms of love. There is the love you have for your friends, your family, and your boyfriend/girlfriend. The love you have for your friends and family if a more friendly love there is nothing sexual about, you just care for them very much. The love you have for your boyfriend/girlfriend is more sexual, you feel an intense attraction towards that person.
30.Do you follow others? Have you before? When? (Be Honest) I try not to follow others, but yes I have before, I tend to buy CD's that my cousin likes, and wear clothes that everyone else is wearing, I try not to as much anymore.
31.What would you change about yourself? If I could change one thing about myself it would be my temper. I have a very bad temper and it gets me in bad situations sometimes.
32.Describe a person you can’t stand. A person I can't stand is someone who only thinks about themselves, some one who is prejudice, someone who will do anything to fit in or someone who is always tring to be better than everyone else.
33.Describe a person you would love. I don't go by specifics, just someone that is nice, high-spirited, basically Nizam.
34.What is your idea of perfect? I don't think anyone or anything is perfect but I guess perfect is something you can accept as it is and be completely happy with.
35.What’s your definition of elegance? Someone with elegance has class, does things tastefully and is polite.
36.How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? I have had lots of boyfriends but I have had/have only two that have really meant something to me.
37.What is your pet peeve? My pet peeve is someone tapping my shoulder over and over to get my attention.
38.Who has had the biggest influence in your life? How? My mom has had the biggest influence in my life because she has gone through so much and had so much to deal with but still she does almost everything around the house and is always doing her best to make me and my brother happy. No matter how tired or sick she is she never stops.

Provide at least 2 head shots, and one body shot. Please post as many pictures as you would like to, the more the better. Show pictures, not links. If you're pictures come up as red Xs please fix it, or we will postpone judging. If you do not have pictures, let us know when you will get some.

 Final Layer
39.Which mod are you must like, Kate or Kat?(go to the "Meet Your Mods" section and look at our sample applications) Kat
40.Promote in two other communities and provide links. We DO check. http://www.livejournal.com/community/0000000promo/12904.html

41.Say something Funny (this can be a picture) If life gives you lemons....stuff them down your shirt and make bigger boobs.
42.Words to Live By: "Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose"

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hehe just kidding. :)
haha, your funny...you are one of the ones that didn't vote!!! You should vote seriously.
-your pictures.
who asked you.. lol..no you have a right to your own opinion..but arn't you suppose to be leaving our community, anyway?!?!? :)
what, do you want me
gone, because you
seem kinda happy?
I don't even know you...so how could I know if I wanted you gone?
your cu, your cu.

of courseeee.

although ur alreayd in.
you're already in. silly goose.
Although you do like GWTW, i'm going to have to say no. I really did almost accept you just because of that but I really didn't find anything else I liked. And you're just not all that elegant.
it doesn't matter whether or not you accepted me..because I am already in the community :)