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dont pretend to be mine

To Begin With

1. Full Name: Jessica Anne Layburn

2. Common Name (what most people call you): Jess

3. Age: 17

4. Grade in School: Senior.

5. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, I dont fall in love with sex organs, I fall in love with people..

6. Current Residence: Philadelphia, pa

7. Birthplace: St.mary`s hospital in Philadelphia, PA

8. On average how many hours do you spend on the computer a day? Four or more.


9. Color: HOT pink and Green.

10. Comic book hero/ novel hero(in): Wonder woman.

11. Candy: Gummi bears

12. Season: Spring

13. Holiday: Christmas, I love being around my family. and seeing my neices and nephews get excited when they open their gifts!

14. Number & Why: 9, I won 10bucks on a bet with a 9 horse. Its not really that lucky. I just like it.

15. Boy's name & Why: Reilly, its my aunts last name and my godsons middle name, I just really liked it. Its different.

16. Girl's name & Why: Tatum, [tatum oneil is an actress] shes very pretty, I like this for the same reason above, its different.

17. Shampoo & Conditioner: Herbal Essense. Apple.

18. Favorite Sport to watch? Play? Watch: Hockey. Baseball & skatboarding. Play: Softball.

19. Two favorite Authors: Alex sanchez. and Shakespeare

Top Five

20. Movies:
5. How to deal
3. sid & Nancy
2. The devils advocate
1. lost & delirious

21. Bands:
5.The adicts
3. hawthorne heights.
2.senses fail

22. Put these in order: Purple, Black,Lime Green, Hot Pink, Yellow
1.Hot pink. 2. Lime green. 3. Black. 2. Purple. 1. Yellow
23. Books:
5.Rainbow high [sequal to number 1.]
4. Go ask alice.
3. Street car named desire (its a play actually)
2. So hard to say
1. Rainbow boys.

Effort Questions

24. Describe your favorite outfit (picture?) My rancid shirt, my black skirt with thigh highs/ black pants, with my studded belt with a gun belt buckle, and a hoodie

25. Describe how you wear your make up (picture?) I wear eyeliner, silver eyeshadow with a colorful (pink, purple, yellow) eyeshadow over top of it, sometimes glitter and lipgloss.

26. When you're with your friends, how do you act? My friends make me hyper and goofy, I talk alot and Im very outgoing.

27. When you're around people you don't know, how do you act? Im shy and I never look them in the eye when I talk to them. I probably make them feel like I dont wanna be around them.

28. What's your definition of manners and do you have them? The way people conduct themselves in public. Yes, I think I have manners. I act mature when I have to and Im nice, always saying please and thank you. I listen to people when they speak to me. I cover the basics well.

29. What is love? Should age have a bearing on it? Why/ Why not? The way you feel emotionally towards a person.I think the older you get the more mature you are and you can respect what love is much more, but I think you can fall in love when your young and if you do, I think your lucky.

30. Do you follow others? Have you before? When? (Be Honest) I dont really follow anyone, I like the attention I get from being my own person.

31. What would you change about your self? Im pretty happy with myself, But If I could, I wouldnt want to be as emotional as Iam.

32. Describe a person you can't stand. People who talk about you behind your back and online and what not, but when they are around you they suck up and nicely talk to you.

33. Descbribe a person you would love. Someone who`s them selves, and would go somewhere with me even if they hated where we were going.

34. What is your idea of perfect? I dont think perfect is possible, but perfect would be someone who has everything they want and is always happy.

35. What is your definition of Elegance? Beauty inside and out.

36. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? two boyfriends. one girlfriend.

37. What is your pet peeve? People who drive with their blinkers on, but dont turn.

38. Who has had the biggest influence in your life? How? My mom. Shes my world. She made me who Iam today. My mom always pushes me to stand up for what I believe, to do my best and never give up. I can talk to her about anything and she doesnt think any less of me for anything I`ve done.

My face shots:

Photoshoped shot:

Body shots: (these are bad shots)

(Sorry for the "cleavage" in this one)

Final Layer

39. Which mod are you most like, Kate or Kat? Probably Kat, she and I like some of the same movies and the book go ask alice. I think we both act the same way around our friends as well.

40. Promote in two other communities and provide links. We DO check.
I did it in 3.

41. Say somethingfunny. (This can be a picture)

(I dont know if thats as funny as it is cute.)

42. Words to live by:
Corruption wins not more than honesty"
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