Rain. (_hopelesromance) wrote in beyond_elegant,

"Your life is worse than a soap opera and its all in your head"
Those words fill Mariannes head, streaming down her heart embedding those harsh words into her soul. But no one cared. No on would give a fuck about her. Shes here crying in the midst of her room. Big fucking deal. No one cares about Marianne, so why should she?

Sitting here propped up on her pillows tears brake a trail through her ivory skin. Dripping down until there is nothing left. All she can feel right now is the immense throbbing of her head. Pulsating harder every second. One....Two....Three.... Im a failure, im a fuck up, nobody wants me, not even my drunk mother. Now the crying begins to get worse. Just thinking about her mom sends more tears down her face.

Most people have atleast one person to go to. To cry to, laugh with, share the good and the bad. Marianne had nobody. Her mother was an alcoholic, her dad never there. And as for her brothers and sister... you dont even want to go there. So basically Marianne had herself. "me,myself, and I," she says to her self as she dozes off to sleep. Me.. Myself... And I.

Where am I? Marianne wakes up and finally realizes she's in her room. Her pillows, her sheets all thrown on the floor. Looking to the side she notices her clock flickering 2:13,2:13. Getting up she suddenly feels thirsty. Her mouth is dry, feeling as if she had just downed a whole bag of cour skittles. Her tongue stings. The pulsating feeling seeps down her throat. Walking into the kitchen thers her mom passed out cold on her chair infront of her laptop. Marianne clenches her teeth. "I want to break that lap top so bad," she whispers to her self. "I want to see it smash on the floor into tiny pieces. Goodbye online friends for you mom. You have no one to fucking flirt with now." But fear holds her back. Marianne doesnt know what her mom would do if she broke her laptop. She was to scared to try.

Opening the refrigerador marianne pulls out the wine. "is this what your drinking mom?!" she thinks to herself. "Is this what is fucking you up!!?" Nearly screaming inside of her head she walks away. Whispering to herself "well, its mine now."

yah i hope u like it i need criticizim... tell me what to change what is wrong or if it all over sucks tell me. yeah..
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