Rain. (_hopelesromance) wrote in beyond_elegant,

damn, valentines day is coming up.. i can remember valentines day last year so freaking well. i wrote this poem last year i thought id post it.. i might make a new one. or might not. idk MY BLOODY VALENTINE I remember the day you took me away Never listened to what i had to say You surprised me with your evil grin My life starting seeming to be thin My bloody valentine what did you do? I thought i wanted to be with you My bloody valentine you stole my heart I never thought you would tear me apart. A single red rose sits upon my grave Saying RIP the girl we couldnt save Her valentine killer her soul why did he have such a terrible role? The blood you shed The things you said Your love for her was harsh and cold for her heart you sold You ruined the life of an innocent girl To you her life was all just a blur My bloody valentine this ones for you My bloody valentine what did you do? oh god that really fucking sucks.
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