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Don't Pretend To Be Mine.

To Begin With

1. Full Name: Alyssa Faith

2. Common Name (what most people call you): Alyssa, Robes, Robar

3. Age: 15

4. Grade in School: Sophomore.

5. Sexual Orientation (i.e. bi-sexual, lesbian, straight, gay): Straight.

6. Current Residence (City, State): Massachusetts.

7. Birthplace: Worcester, Massachusetts.

8. On average how many hours do you spend on the computer a day? Depending on the day and what I am doing, from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


9. Color: Pink.

10. Comic book hero/ novel hero(in): Wonder Woman.

11. Candy: Sour Patch Kids or Hersheys Kisses with Almonds!

12. Season: Summer becasue its when I don't have school and my birthday is in July.

13. Holiday: Christmas. It really gets everyone together.

14. Number & Why: 14. Its my basketball number and soccer number... it alwaysa has been. I think that I randomly picked it when I was younger.

15. Boy's name & Why: Dominique. Its original.

16. Girl's name & Why: Adrianna. Its another unique name.

17. Shampoo & Conditioner: Garnier Fructrisse.

18. Favorite Sport to watch? Play? To watch, football because its so exciting and everyone I know gets so into it. And to play, basketball..

19. Two favorite Authors: Mitch Albom and Shakespeare.

Top Five

20. Movies: Tommy Boy, Edward Scissorhands, A cinderella story, the prince & me, and Napolean Dynamite. (not in order)

21. Bands: Incubus, The Black Crowes, Crossfade, Bad Company, Staind.

22. Put these in order: Purple, Black,Lime Green, Hot Pink, Yellow Hot Pink, Lime Green, Black, Purple & Yellow.

23. Books: Tuesday with Morrie, White Oleander...

Effort Questions
Pick 10 that you would like to answer. However, if you answer all you get bonus points. ;]

24. Describe your favorite outfit (picture?) My favorite outfit is my white vest from ae.. my orange flannel from Old Navy, my skirt from AE and my ugg boots.

25. Describe how you wear your make up (picture?) I don't wear much make-up.. Im pretty natural. Simply some black eyeliner along with blush and a little concealer and im ready to go.

26. When you're with your friends, how do you act? I act how I act no matter whom I am with. I am loud, outgoing and tend to be funny at times. I am not afraid to say it like it is and to just let loose and have fun.

27. When you're around people you don't know, how do you act? The same way as described above.

28. What's your definition of manners and do you have them? Manners are the correct way of acting towards others. I believe that at times i cna have manners, but every once and a while- I let it slip and I can be completely manerless.

29. What is love? Should age have a bearing on it? Why/ Why not? I don;t think that there is a definition for love. You just know when you are in love. Its a personal thing, I guess. I think that age has nothing to do with love. You can fall in love hen you're 8 or 88.. it doesnt matter once you have for that one person who can make your heart skip a beat.

30. Do you follow others? Have you before? When? (Be Honest) I try not to. I think that being a follower is very lame. I think that the best way to live your life is by doing what you want to do, not doing things just because others are doing them. I guess that I have followed others before...when I was in the seventh grade, I listened to all of the same musicthe popular girls did in a desperate strive for fitting in. Not one of my proud moments, I must say.

31. What would you change about your self? i think that the biggest thing that I would change about me is my lack of self-confidence. People who see me on a regualr basis wolud believe that I am overflowing with it, but I am really not.

32. Describe a person you can't stand. I can't stand this one girl who thinks that she is above everyone and everything else. She thinks that she is too good to be involved with anything other than the best.

33. Descbribe a person you would love. A person who I love is someone who isnt worried about what everyone else is thinking or doing. Someone who isnt so caught up in the popularity aspect of high school. Someone who knows that there is life after high school.

34. What is your idea of perfect? There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone and everything has some kind of inperfection in some shape or form.

35. What is your definition of Elegance? Elegance is having that unique sense of beauty that others envy.

36. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? I've had maybe 3 serious boyfriends in my life.

37. What is your pet peeve? My pet peeve is someone who sits there and isnt listening to aa word you say but when it is their turn to speak, they talk forever.

38. Who has had the biggest influence in your life? How? Well I think that the person who has taugh me the most in my life is one of my really good friends, meghan. Shes taught me to do what I want and not to worry about anyone elses happiness but my own.


Provide at least 2 head shots, and one body shot. Please post as many pictures as you would like to, the more the better. Show pictures, not links. If you're pictures come up as red Xs please fix it, or we will postpone judging. If you do not have pictures, let us know when you will get some.

Final Layer

39. Which mod are you most like, Kate or Kat? (Go to the "Meet your mods" section and look at our sample applications) Kate. We're really alike.

40. Promote in two other communities and provide links. We DO check.
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